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Date: 2020-08-22 09:05
Subject: Greetings
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This is my new updated "hello to people who aren't friended who would like to be" page.

Say somethin'.

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Date: 2010-01-16 12:03
Subject: I love demotivational posters
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Date: 2009-12-04 06:03
Subject: A Very Good Thing
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If your life has ever been impacted by breast cancer in any way,
or if you have breasts, or know someone who does,
and have not seen this -

watch it. Seriously. It will make you all smiley and full of warm fuzzy happy.

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Date: 2009-11-09 13:55
Subject: product review
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So, with my birthday money, I got a speaker dock for my mp3 player. I got it at Target and it's a Memorex.

Then of course my Zen immediately developed Alzheimers and the screen doesn't light up anymore. Everything else works but if you want to do anything other than just forward to the next song, rather than navigate, well, no such luck.

So have to get another. Not gonna do iPod. Decided on the latest Sansa clip, even though this newest one doesn't let you pop out and replace the clip WHEN it breaks like the old one - but it's supposed to be better than the old one, which was already pretty good, so I got it anyway. It's on order from Amazon because nobody carries it in this town except Worst Buy and I will NEVER buy so much as a bag of gummy bears from THEM.

Then it occured to me that every once in a while once does want to play a CD so at Walmart I noticed a Memorex mp3/iPod speaker dock combination cd player. And it was cheaper than the other one too.


Brought it home, then plugged both of them in, then plugged in my blindly but still valiantly playing Zen and did a side by side sound comparison.

The little dock without the cd sounds pretty good. Not like the wireless Bose speakers I want someday, but considering they are about 600 dollars less, pretty good.

The cheaper cd combo? OMG. I was wondering if maybe it was just a special buy, was why it was so cheap. Well, it was special all right. Sounds like somebody recorded music coming from a crapped out car speaker onto a hand held mini cassette from 12 feet away, stuck it up a moose's butt and then put a microphone that someone dropped into the toilet and then stepped on it, into said moose's mouth, broadcast the result with dying batteries to an underwater cave,  and then listened to it with cotton in their ears.

So I'm returning the cheap one.

Debating on keeping the decent Memorex or trying to find a better one with CD capability.

Anyone see a moose with muffled Teddy Geiger tunes coming out of it's ass, send it over to Memorex and tell them their boom box called, it wants it's woofers back.

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Date: 2009-09-28 14:14
Subject: Pimpage
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Calling all geeks and even non geeks. Check out my friend dferguson 's site, pulpwork press.

It's a good thing. Enjoy!

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Date: 2009-09-10 07:51
Subject: letter
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Tags:letters, people are stupid, political, rants
edited to add: I'm unlocking this particular rant, which I usually don't make these public.  But my good lj frienddferguson pimped me out so I'm extending this as a nod to him as I doubt we share our entire flist.

It's a rant and I don't bother to play nice. Be warned.

*   *   *

Dear Republicans in Congress and unfortunate mouthpeices such as Rash Lamebutt, Ann Coultergiest, Bill O Lielly, and all the insane far right Wacko McNutjobs out there:

Get over it.

cut on account of cussiness for those at workCollapse )
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Date: 2009-08-27 18:57
Subject: Writer's Block: It Is What It Is
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What oft-repeated quote or common cliché do you find the most annoying when someone says it to you?
"Everyone has their own taste!"

Well duh, that's like saying everyone has their own asshole.  Yes, they do. But what annoys me about this cliche isn't the literal, obvious meaning. It's the implication that everyone's taste is equally *good*.

It isn't. Nope. No.

Not to say that everyone doesn't have the right to have their own taste. Even if it's awful. Because if you want to cover you walls with Keane posters or wear 100% polyester all the time, that is certainly your right.

But it doesn't mean your taste isn't absolute DRECK!!!! 

Some people have great taste. Others have crap for taste. That the people who have crap for taste are happy with their craptacular taste does not make their taste any less craptacular. Having craptactular taste does not make someone a bad person, or a dullard, or a jerk, or less beloved by their Maker in any way, of course.

But just because everyone has their own taste does NOT mean everyone's taste is equally good.

...And who is the arbiter of taste, good and bad? *ahem* Well, obviously that would be ME. I have absolutely fabulous taste.

No really, I do.

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Date: 2009-08-20 22:38
Subject: For my graphic novel fan friends:
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Date: 2009-06-13 15:34
Subject: In answer to the question "what is the worst job."
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Date: 2008-11-03 09:47
Subject: Sofa Monday
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I feel:itchy
Except I'm really not on the sofa much, I'm puttering around. I spend 40 minutes scrubbing the shower. Sometimes it just feels good to scrub things. Also I love the way the cleaning stuff I get from Target smells. So clean, not perfumey, not harsh and chemically, just clean.

I am having of the hives. I don't know what is triggering them for sure.

Hives suck. I have them all over both thighs and hips currently, though they travel around as hives do.

I took Benadryl last night and it made me so sleepy, I was eating Cheddar Bunnies on the couch and apparently fell asleep mid munch, because I woke up with my hand halfway to my mouth with a Cheddar Bunny in it. Also I was drooling.

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